The Complete Vinyl Collection

The Black Eyed Peas

  • Дата на издаване: 18.09.2016
  • Компания: Universal Music
  • Жанр: Xип-Xоп / R&B
  • Сподели:
  • Сподели:
Всички студийни албуми на The Black Eyed Peas  са събрани в изданието "The Complete Vinyl Collection".

Световната премиера на колекцията е 30-ти октомври, 2016 г., а албумите са във формат двойна плоча.

Заглавията в колекцията са: "Behind The Front" (1998), "Bridging The Gap" (2000), "Elephunk" (2003), "Monkey Business" (2005), "The E.N.D" (2009), "The Beginning" (2010). С "The Complete Vinyl Collection" феновете ще си припомнят големите хитове на групата - "Shut Up", "Where Is The Love", "Pump It", "My Humps", "Boom Boom Pow", "Don’t Stop The Party", "Just Can’t Get Enough".

  The Black Eyed Peas - The Complete Vinyl Collection - Съдържание:

Behind The Front (1998)
1.    Fallin’ Up (Side A)
2.    Clap Your Hands (Side A)
3.    Joints & Jam (Side A)
4.    The Way U Make Me Feel (Side A)
5.    Movement (Side B)
6.    Karma (Side B)
7.    Be Free (Side B)
8.    Say Goodbye (Side B)
1.    Duet (Side A)
2.    Communication (Side A)
3.    What It Is (Side A)
4.    ¿Que Dices? (Side A)
5.    A8 (Side B)
6.    Love Won’t Wait (Side B)
7.    Head Bobs (Side B)
8.    Positivity (Side B)

Bridging The Gap (2000)
1.    BEP Empire (Side A)
2.    Weekends (Side A)
3.    Get Original (Side A)
4.    Hot (Side A)
5.    Cali To New York (Side B)
6.    Lil' Lil' (Side B)
7.    On My Own (Side B)
1.    Release (Side A)
2.    Bridging The Gaps (Side A)
3.    Go Go (Side A)
4.    Rap Song (Side A)
5.    Bringing It Back (Side B)
6.    Tell Your Momma Come (Side B)
7.    Request + Line (Side B)
8.    Empire Strikes Back (Side B)

Elephunk (2003)
1.    Hands Up (Side A)
2.    Labor Day (It's A Holiday) (Side A)
3.    Let's Get Retarded (Side A)
4.    Hey Mama (Side A)
5.    Shut Up (Side B)
6.    Smells Like Funk (Side B)
7.    Latin Girls (Side B)
1.    Sexy (Side A)
2.    Fly Away (Side A)
3.    The Boogie That Be (Side A)
4.    The Apl Song (Side B)
5.    Anxiety (Side B)
6.    Where Is The Love? (Side B)
7.    Third Eye (Side B)

Monkey Business (2005)
1.    Pump It (Side A)
2.    Don't Phunk With My Heart (Side A)
3.    My Style (Side A)
4.    Don't Lie (Side A)
5.    My Humps (Side B)
6.    Like That (Side B)
7.    Dum Diddly (Side B)
1.    Feel It (Side A)
2.    Gone Going (Side A)
3.    They Don't Want Music (Side A)
4.    Disco Club (Side A)
5.    Bebot (Side B)
6.    Ba Bump (Side B)
7.    Audio Delite at Low Fidelity (Side B)
8.    Union (Side B)

The E.N.D (2009)
1.    Boom Boom Pow (Side A)
2.    Rock That Body (Side A)
3.    Meet Me Halfway (Side A)
4.    Imma Be (Side A)
5.    I Gotta Feeling (Side B)
6.    Alive (Side B)
7.    Missing You (Side B)
1.    Ring-A-Ling (Side A)
2.    Party All The Time (Side A)
3.    Out Of My Head (Side A)
4.    Electric City (Side A)
5.    Showdown (Side B)
6.    Now Generation (Side B)
7.    One Tribe (Side B)
8.    Rockin To The Beat (Side B)

The Beginning (2010)
1.    The Time (Dirty Bit) (Side A)
2.    Light Up The Night (Side A)
3.    Love You Long Time (Side A)
4.    XOXOXO (Side A)
5.    Someday (Side B)
6.    Whenever (Side B)
7.    Fashion Beats (Side B)
8.    Don’t Stop The Party (Side B)
1.    Do It Like This (Side A)
2.    The Situation (Side A)
3.    The Coming (Side A)
4.    Own It (Side B)
5.    The Best One Yet (The Boy) (Side B)
6.    Just Can’t Get Enough (Side B)
7.    Play It Loud (Side B)

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